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UW Bothell is committed to ensuring the work is developed in close collaboration with the campus community. To ensure this commitment is met, we've developed a platform for you to share your thoughts.

Below is a summary of our engagements to date, as well as an open forum for any thoughts you'd like to share with us. We'd like your feedback!

engagement pic - faculty.jpg


In late March – early April, MKThink and the University planning team conducted interviews with multiple stakeholders in the community, including students, staff and faculty. Interviews were conducted in groups, and questions focused on gaining an understanding the essence of UW Bothell, and how the space does or does not serve the needs of its community. As discussions developed, a series of themes began to emerge. Click the image above for a summary of our interview engagement findings.

To help validate the themes we had heard, and to uncover other elements that may or may not have been voiced in the interview discussions, the team launched the red-dot, green-dot map. The map invites the entire community to share their thoughts on specific indoor or outdoor locations that they like, and places that could be improved. Click below to access the map and share your insights.

On June 2nd and June 3rd  as the team has started to develop future strategies for the campus, we conducted a multi-modal community forum to share out our insights and findings, and gather insights into future campus opportunities. Click the link below for a summary of key conversation points that came up in one of the three sessions.

engagement pic - students.jpg
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Online Session Thumbnail.png
Online Session Thumbnail.png
Online Session Thumbnail.png

Above is a video extract of the presentation prepared for the online community forum sessions, as delivered on June 3rd, 2022. 


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