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Any successful strategy is founded on good information. The key insights below are grounded in a thorough data collection and analysis, assembling quantitative and qualitative data points assembled during March and April of 2022, and supplemented as needed throughout the project timeline.

Quantitative Data establishes the baseline for the current state of the campus system. We collected data from existing sources, including data about space management, course and event scheduling, staff and student commute distances. The data was organized into a custom relational database which many of the insights below are extracted from. We take great care in ensuring anonymity of data throughout the process.

Qualitative Data balances the factual with insights into the perception of space. We employed in-person and online interviews and group sessions, on-line collective mapping and in-person observation.


The team compared high level metrics related to the UW Bothell campus space with other institutions similar in scale, access and degree types or which were part of a larger university system.

The analysis confirms the space constraints the UW Bothell campus is experiencing and starts to reveal opportunities for more efficiency.


While office space are the highest space category on campus, its allocation does not reflect the frequency with which it is used, and is mis-aligned with the ways in which work has changed over the last two years. 

assessment_office space.JPG


Departments and space uses are distributed across buildings, creating confusion and potential inefficiencies. 

Space and Identity.PNG


Classrooms are centrally scheduled and much more efficiently utilized than lab space on campus.

At the same time, students need spaces to take classes in multiple modes. The current library group study spaces are unable to keep up with the demand. 

assessment_instructional utilization.JPG


Community is at the heart of UW Bothell. Any initiatives should strengthen the school's sense of community. 

An enriched campus experience is top priority. Perceived barriers to a more active campus include a lack of amenities and food, expensive parking, and limited space for informal interaction.

assessment_community at the heart.JPG
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