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project must be cohesive, adaptable, enriching, health-conscious, and accessible

The space optimization work is guided by the same guiding principles  developed in consultation with the  community as part of the 2017 Campus Master Plan

As part of the space assessment we revisited these principles to re-consider their meaning to our institution in the current context, and to prioritize them. 

The principles serve to establish criteria by which the strategic solutions of the space optimization work are evaluated. 


Priorities are to strengthen, enhance, and advance

In 2020 the University of Washington Bothell Chancellor announced the new UW Bothell strategic plan, focusing on three areas of strategic priority:

  • Strengthen Diversity and Equity

  • Enhance Community and Campus Engagement

  • Advance Cross-Disciplinary Teaching and Scholarship


The space assessment and optimization work engages with all three strategic priorities, focusing on the question of how space can help support and advance them.

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